Acai Testimonials

RioLife Acai is what everyone should be eating for breakfast for energy all day!!
Ian Thorpe - Loyal RioLife Customer
Caroline Pemberton
RioLife Açaí gives me the kind of good energy I'm after, nutritious energy that I know is doing wonders for my body, both on the outside and on the inside. Caroline Pemberton - Miss World Australia 2007
Thanks to RioLife açaí I’ve been able to maintain a healthier lifestyle than ever before. With a vigorous training schedule it's essential for me to stay healthy so I can continue competing at a world class level. What I'm really trying to say is that I just buzz off this stuff, it rocks my world.
Ky Hurst - Champion Ironman and Swimmer
Love the product, love the Rio team. It’s all good, it’s going to go off this summer.
Vinnie Harnor - Manager Sea Change Café - Dee Why beach
"You're gonna love it, man, it gives you energy. I like it any time I want something sweet and healthy.
Carlos Burle - XXL Big Wave Champ
“I love that stuff”
Joel Parkinson - World Renowned Australian Surfer
“Açaí has been great with keeping up my energy levels throughout training sessions and long lasting during the day. I have açaí in the Rio Bowl, which suits me first thing in the morning after training, its awesome! It’s really easy to eat, tastes unreal and will always keep me going!”
Naomi Flood - World Iron Woman Champion
"I love açaí! I ate açaí the first time I went to Brazil. I had never heard of it and I was freaking out on the stuff!" "Açai is one of my favourite things to eat in the world... I would eat açaí for breakfast every day and for snacks all day."
Kelly Slater - Six Time World Champion Surfer
"Açai is the best food in the world!"
Jean Jacques Machado - World Famous Ju-Jitsu Fighter, 5th Degree Black Belt, Navy Seal Instructor, 10 time Brazilian National Champion
"It does everything, helps you focus, and fills me up. It's great for that extra energy I need, especially on days I compete. It's healthy, it's good, and it’s from the Amazon." "I have been eating it for years in Brazil. The highlight of my trips to Brazil is to eat Açaí"
Rob Machado - Pipe Masters Champion
“We love the anti-ageing properties of RioLife açaí, it also gives us the energy to get out of bed and stay in shape”
Vanessa and Christina Milanja – Winners of hottest twins in Australia competition
“RioLife açaí is a great pick me up at work … I store it in the office freezer and have some when I need the energy to refocus on my work.”
N. Church, Brisbane Lawyer
“I'm hooked and can’t stop telling my patients about the quality and nutritional affect RioLife açaí has. Even better I love eating a bowl before hitting the waves after work.”
A. Moore, Sydney Physiotherapist
I have already experienced my first açaí smoothie, & am very pleased with the result. Thank you for your assistance. I was a bit nervous about ordering a frozen product, but it has all worked out nicely. I'm about to take a sample, and your details, down to the local health food store, so maybe we can get the word about açaí to spread in Tamworth.
Ruth Turner – Regional NSW RioLife customer
"The best fruit you've never heard of"
Sports Illustrated for Women
“The training secret to a daily ritual for surfers and all health conscious people”
"Well all I can say about açaí is that it is like a drug. I miss açaí as much as I miss the g-string bikinis on the beach in Rio"
Vava Ribeiro - World Class Photographer
“I’m glad to see my students eating well, I can see the difference in the way that they train when they eat RioLife açaí”
Taekwondo Master Chun Suk Suh - 9th Dan Black Belt - President of the South Pacific Teakwondo Federation

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