Taking a cocktail of Vitamin Pills?

Vitamin Pills certainly have their place in our modern-day lives, particularly to fight off acute illness and nasties, but wouldn’t it be great if we could get enough nutrients from our food alone and cut the handfuls of vitamin pills each day?

It is possible to reduce your intake & replace some tablets & capsules with alternative high nutrition food!

Why Pills are not the Best Alternative

What you may not be aware of, is that tablets and capsules are often made with binders, fillers, disintegrants, colourants, flavours, sweeteners, preservatives, lubricants, glidants, coating agents & emulsifying Agents! Yikes! These are added for a variety of reasons, and do not necessarily need to be declared on product labels.

If that isn’t enough to put you off, capsules and tablets are not always absorbed in our digestive tracts! Occasionally hard-pressed pills do not break down and disintegrate properly, especially in a weak or compromised digestive system (which may just be the reason you are taking them in the first place).

So what are your alternatives? Liquids, Powders & best of all wholefoods!

It is best to take nutrients that are broken down into small molecules that can pass easily through our gut lining and be utilised by the body in metabolic processes. Not to mention, they are notably less expensive to make and purchase than tablets and capsules.

If you must take capsules, try to choose ‘vege caps’, made from vegetable cellulose. The capsules break open after about 20 minutes of being in contact with your stomach acid, the powder inside is then absorbed by the body, and the capsule casing is expelled. RioLife acai capsules use only vegtable cellulose and no added binders or fillers. Always ask companies what type of capsules they use!

Replacing tablets with Wholesome Foods (just as nature intended)!

Here are some common supplements and alternative food sources, liquids and powders.

B Vitamins-  Nutritional Yeast Flaks, Brewers Yeast,  Liquid B’s

Antioxidants- Pure Organic Freeze Dried Acai Berry Powder, Fresh Berries, Spirulina Powder, red and black beans.

Vitamin C- Kakadu Plum, Rosehip tea, Camu Camu powder.

Omega 3-  Fish Oil, Flaxseed oil, chia bran, mackrel and salmon.

Zinc-  Liquid Zinc Drink, Oysters.

Keep in mind most vitamin and mineral supplements come in a powdered or liquid form, Just ask!

The Importance of Sustainable Farming

A final note to keep in mind…Unfortunately, due to poor farming habits and over-farming to produce higher yields of crops, the soil is diminished of minerals and nutrients that need time to be replaced, and in turn, produce becomes less nutritious.

This is why it is best to buy organic produce where possible. Even better, source produce from small local organic farms, as their farming methods are more sustainable and yield highly nutritious fruit & vegetables, so you get what you pay for! Riolife Acai is proudly sustainable!

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