Acai Berry Weight Loss

If there’s one question we get asked more than any other, it’s this: Will acai berries make me lose weight?

In short, acai is not a weight loss miracle. However, many RioLife customers tell us that they’ve benefited from including acai in their healthy diet and exercise programs – so it might help. Here’s what you need to know.

Don’t fall for the scam

Despite what you might have read on the internet, acai berries are not a magic weight loss ingredient and they won’t cause you to lose 20 pounds in a week.

At RioLife, we’re committed to doing business in a sustainable, Fair manner. We treat our suppliers and our ingredients with the utmost respect, and we have even more integrity in the way we treat you, our loyal customers.

So it drives us crazy that ever since acai berries were mentioned on Oprah, ludicrous claims about acai berries have popped up all over the place. We’re even more frustrated that some consumers have been duped into handing over their credit card details to unscrupulous operators who’ve fleeced them for hundreds of dollars. Don’t fall for the scam. Only pass your details over to reputable, Australian operators whose shopping carts are guaranteed secure by a trusted institution, like the Verisign SSL secure merchant facility we use here at RioLife. If it makes you feel safer, buy your RioLife Acai from your local health food store or pharmacy instead of online.

If you believe your credit card has been incorrectly or fraudulently charged, contact your financial institution.

So how can acai berries help when you’re dieting?

Acai berries are an extremely nutritious food, and are low-GI, meaning that they help keep your blood sugar on an even keel.

As part of a healthy breakfast, they’ll fill you up, and that just might help you resist the urge to indulge in sugary, high calorie treats later in the day. So, when it comes to weight loss, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

Eating breakfast regularly will help ensure you get all the required nutrients and food groups you need every day too, and in general the diets of people who eat breakfast every day tend to be lower in fat and higher in fibre and key vitamins and minerals than the diets of people who skip breakfast altogether.

In contrast, skipping breakfast could actually slow down your metabolism, making it easier for you to gain weight, and more difficult for you to lose it.

Try adding one of our delicious acai recipes to your morning routine and see what a difference it makes to your sense of energy and vitality. (Tip: Our favourite is a Rio Bowl!)

Acai aids recovery from exercise too

Exercise is a vital component of any weight loss program, and acai berries may help here too.

Acai berries are a nutritious, energy-rich food to help provide the fuel your body needs when you’re training hard. With it’s content of carbohydrates, protein, fats and minerals, acai is ideal for amateur and professional athletes alike, and is also suitable for those new to training.

Amongst other nutritional benefits, its amazing antioxidant profile will help offset the increased production of free radicals that occurs when you train hard.

To experience the recovery-boosting properties of acai berries for yourself, try our RioLife Acai Workout Smoothie.

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