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They say travel broadens the mind. It certainly opened the minds of three young Sydney-siders to a fantastic idea that they could bring back to Australia. While gallivanting around the world these three Aussies discovered the amazing berry sensation, acai, and they were hooked the second it had hit their lips.

Andrew C, deciding to have a short break from his studies and marketing career, was introduced to Acai by his Brazilian friends whilst spending time in Rio surfing with the "Cariocas" (Rio locals). During this time Andrew studied the traditional Brazilian recipes closely, and completely fell in love with the cups and bowls of this purple, magical, fruit. He started eating it every day, and quickly became an expert on why the Brazilians are so passionate about this energising meal or drink.

Andrew M walked head on into the acai sensation while meeting new friends and surfing in California. Not only are the surf nuts of Southern California mad about acai, but the passion for the berry is now spreading east throughout the US and has easily overtaken wheatgrass sales. Andrew spent three months in California carefully learning how the Juice bars and cafes throughout America have adopted this wonder berry, using it in juices, smoothies, and breakfast bowls as a super-nutritional energy ingredient.

After three months of research in California, and running riot through the rest of the world, Andrew M stopped through Singapore to meet an old school friend, Jeremy. Jeremy had spent a year managing Juice Station outlets in Sydney, and had been sent to Singapore as Operations manager, and stand in General Manager, for the chain.

They bantered about it for a while and Jeremy decided it was such a fantastic idea that he would give up Singapore, after spending 18 months there, to help the boys bring acai to Australia. After the three had returned they caught a few waves, cracked their heads together, blended up some Rio Bowls and gave birth to RioLife.

RioLife acai has now become a staple part of all their lives. They blend a Rio Bowl for breakfast, have a Rio Smoothie after a surf, and share the love with all of their friends, who are starting to eat more acai than the average Brazilian.

RioLife distribute the amazing Freeze Dried Acai and have 6 years of experience dealing with healthy foods and wellness products. As always, their focus is on quality and the most nutritious exotic foods they can lay their hands on!

Environmental Awareness

RioLife is not just about bringing this super fruit to consumers, it is about supporting the Amazon and it’s people. Our first taste of RioLife acai energized not only our bodies, but stimulated our minds. We learned that locals earned more harvesting RioLife acai than clear-cutting the forest. Sustainable development is happening and we know there is an opportunity for more significant change.

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