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At RioLife, we’re as passionate about the environment our acai berries come from as we are about the berries themselves. (And since we famously can’t get through a single day without a delicious and energising Rio Bowl, you know that means we’re pretty committed!)

Unlike most other industries in the Amazon basin, the harvesting of acai berries doesn’t involve the destruction of this precious, fragile environment, which is home to a third of the world’s species of plants and animals, and acts as the lungs of the earth, continuously converting carbon dioxide back into life-giving oxygen for all of us.

acai berry harvest

In fact, the harvesting of acai is one of only a handful of sustainable commercial initiatives identified by Greenpeace as having the capacity to make a meaningful difference to the deforestation of the region.

The main commercial activities in the Amazon are logging and farming, both of which involve the clearing of trees in an alarming, unsustainable, and often illegal manner.

acai berry and the locals

In contrast, the harvesting of acai berries does not involve deforestation. Furthermore, since RioLife Acai berries are wild harvested and organic, there are no pesticides involved.

It’s a win-win-win situation. The jungle is protected from land clearing and pollution, the locals earn an income under Fairtrade principles and benefit from our Amazon Friendly charitable giving program, and here in Australia we get to enjoy antioxidant-rich acai berries safe in the knowledge that we’re contributing to the health and sustainability of the Amazon.

Reversing the damage that’s been inflicted on the Amazon is an overwhelmingly enormous task, and one that benefits the entire planet. None of us will achieve it alone, but at RioLife we’re determined to do our bit. With your help we’re moving closer and closer to our dream of creating commercial acai plantations to help re-forest sections of the jungle that have been destroyed by logging and other industries.

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