Who is RioLife and Why Acai Berry?

The story...

They say travel broadens the mind. It certainly opened the minds of three young Sydneysiders to a fantastic idea that they could bring back to Australia.

While gallivanting around the world at just 23 years old, Jeremy Liddle, Andrew Cameron and Andrew Maciver individually discovered the amazing berry sensation, acai, and were hooked the second it hit their lips.

While taking a short break from his studies and marketing career to spend time in Rio surfing with the Cariocas (Rio locals), Andrew C was introduced to Acai berries by his Brazilian friends. He studied the traditional Brazilian recipes closely, and fell in love with the magical purple fruit. Eating Acai berries every day quickly helped Andrew realise why the Brazilians are so passionate about these energising, revitalising berries.

Andrew M also came across Acai berries while on a surfing safari, although in his case it was the surf nuts of Southern California who shared their enthusiasm for the berries with him. Over three months, Andrew carefully observed and researched the way that cafes and juice bars in California had adopted the Acai berries, using it in juices, smoothies, and breakfast bowls as a super-nutritional energy ingredient.

Meanwhile, Jeremy was based in Singapore, where he was Acting General Manager of a chain of juice bars. His experience there had shown him that people all over the world were becoming more and more excited by the health-promoting properties of superfruits. As soon as Andrew M introduced him to the delicious flavour and nutritional benefits of Acai berries, he was keen to learn as much about them as he could, and determined to share his new passion with health-conscious consumers back home in Australia.

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After the three boys returned to Sydney, they caught a few waves, cracked their heads together, blended up some Rio Bowls and gave birth to RioLife.

Six years on, RioLife is Australia’s leading importer of Acai berries, and we’re proud to have been the recipient of the Sage Award for Fastest Growing Small Business at the 2010 My Business magazine small business awards.

Our product range now includes six lines of 100% Certified Organic Freeze Dried Acai berry powder and capsules, with an exciting new range of products coming soon. Our products are distributed to over 1,700 health food stores and pharmacies in Australia and New Zealand, and are also available online.

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Environmental Awareness

As our business continues to grow, our contribution to the Amazon and her people does too. Amongst other initiatives, a percentage of sales is donated to the charity Amazon Friendly, which educates and provides emergency medical care for the children of the workers who harvest our Acai berries.


All of us at RioLife are crazy about Acai berries and passionate about the Amazon. We love chatting with our customers too, and we’d be thrilled to connect with you on Facebook or twitter, so please get in touch!

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