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What is the Rio Life?


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Berry Christmas 2012

RioLife wishes you a

safe, enjoyable festive season

and a healthy and happy New Year!


The office will be close for two weeks from Friday

the 21st of December 2012.


Any orders placed between 3pm on the 20th of December 2012 and the 6th of January 2013 will be received in the second week of January.


RioiLife Acai is healthy for you and the Planet!


As the choices for healthy foods become more complicated, and the pressure is on to stay in shape and healthy, it is nice to know it is still possible to find some of the healthiest, purest fruits on the planet.

Sustainably sourced (guilt free), and providing both a staple food and an income for the natives of the Brazilian Amazon where it is sourced, the Acai Berry truly is one of nature’s perfect little wonders that is good for your body, good for your soul and good for the Amazon.

Acai berries (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) are wild harvested, making this rare and unique berry one of nature’s purest creations. RioLife Acai berries have never been tampered with by human horticulture. There is absolutely NO genetic modification, selective breeding, sprays, chemicals, preservatives or pesticides used in their production. RioLife’s Acai berry still exists just the way nature intended, pure and natural, so it’s no wonder these berries make everyone feel so amazing!  More about the Acai berry

Acai berries contain very high levels of antioxidants, in fact they have one of the highest known ORAC (antioxidant) levels of any fruit, good for you fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9 and plenty of fibre, along with loads of essential vitamins and minerals. RioLife Acai berries are a certified organic, super nutritious, whole food that continues to have a tremendous positive impact for those who incorporate the them into their daily diets.

RioLife is Australia’s original supplier of premium certified organic Acai berry products, pioneering Freeze Dried Acai Powder here and overseas since November 2005. We take pride in giving you the best possible quality Acai direct from the highest quality sources in Brazil. All of our products come with RioLife’s quality guarantee, if your not happy with any product we will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

riolife acai berrt school kidsWe are the only Australian company to guarantee 1% of all retail sales being donated to a registered charity ACAIMU, a project of the Amazon Friendly Program (www.amazon-friendly.org), to help build and fund Schools in the areas surrounding where our Acai berries are sourced. Read more about RioLife’s Acai Berry sustainability projects

Sound too good to be true? Let RioLife give you the health, energy and vitality we all need for the lifestyle you want. Give it a go and see for yourself!
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What is RioLife's Mission?

So what is RioLife's mission? : To provide health, beauty and energy to people around the world through exotic energy products in pharmacies, supermarkets, health food stores and online channels, whilst maintaining impeccable ethical standards and an environmentally sustainable business model.

In short: Provide exotic health, beauty & energy products ethically & sustainably.

RioLife's core values: Health, Vitality, Beauty, Ethics, Energy & Fun!

Beating Tiredness & Lethargy


Tiredness is such a common complaint that it seems to effect most people on at least a few days a week. Someone has probably complained to you about being tired today already…

A recent study from the National Sleep Foundation found that 40% of adults commonly complained about being tired. Furthermore 10% of all visits to the doctor are due to tiredness and lethargy.

So what is the solution? It may surprise you to know that getting more sleep, (although this is an obvious solution), is not the only fix to this problem. Our diet is a huge contributing factor to daily tiredness and lethargy.

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Detox Vs Fad Diets


The term ‘detox’ has been thrown around and used haphazardly by the health industry, earning both positive and negative connotations. Although detox is usually associated with improved health, it has also, mistakenly, been thrown in the same category as ugly fad diets, and been viewed as just another drastic unachievable, ‘quick solution’ for weight loss hopefuls. The truth is, it is none of these things… or at least it shouldn’t be!

Unfortunately, much of the confusion has arisen as some popular ‘detox’ diets, namely those that have been celebrity endorsed, fit soundly into the ‘fad diet’ diet category… I’d like to take this opportunity to clear up a few differences.

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The Bad News and the Good News about Loosing Weight!


Did you know that scientists have revealed that once we get fat, most of us stay fat, despite our best efforts?! A depressing sentence to say the least, especially as the new year rolls around and many of us promise ourselves that this is the year we WILL loose weight!! But don’t give up just yet!

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Acai for Weight Loss?? Its not Rocket Science!


So you have heard Acai may help with weight loss?? But how can be sure before you take the leap?

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Taking a cocktail of Vitamin Pills?


Hi Everyone!

Vitamin Pills certainly have their place in our modern-day lives, particularly to fight off acute illness and nasties, but wouldn’t it be great if we could get enough nutrients from our food alone and cut the handfuls of vitamin pills each day?

It is possible to reduce your intake & replace some tablets & capsules with alternative high nutrition food!

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Earn Free Products & Cash


Hi Everyone!

If you are interested in healthy eating & would like to earn money for recommending delicious, healthy, wholefood products to your friends and family, read on!

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